Fresh & Tasty Asian Seafood, Produce, & Frozen Products in Springfield Illinois

For over 4 years, Asian Market has been the leading worldwide grocery store in the Springfield, IL area for locals and travelers looking for authentic Asian and African cuisine. Since the opening of our market, we have worked with companies around the world to provide us with the best seafood, produce, frozen items, and packaged goods possible so that our customers never have to compromise on quality. Why spend thousands of dollars traveling the world when you can experience the authentic taste of Asia, Africa, and Jamaica from the comfort of your home? We are open every day of the week for your convenience, stop by today browse through our growing selection!

Fresh Seafood

Are you wanting to treat the entire family to a lobster dinner? Have you been looking to make authentic sushi from Japan? At Asian Market in Springfield, IL, we have the widest selection of fresh seafood in the central Illinois area! Choose from our live lobster and live crab selection as well as fresh shrimp, salmon, and a variety of fish common to Asia and Africa. All of our seafood is prepared, cleaned, and packaged daily to ensure the utmost quality for every one of our customers. Come shop today for fresh seafood you can’t get anywhere else in Springfield, Illinois!

fresh seafood products sold in springfield illinois
fresh asian and african produce in springfield illinois

Fresh Produce

Our fresh produce selection at Asian Market is like no other grocery store in Springfield, IL. Come in for your everyday potatoes, peppers, and onions, while leaving with exotic fruits and vegetables from all over Asia and Africa! Try our delicious jackfruit, Asian pears, guava, sugar apples, dragon fruit, and more. We only serve quality produce that has been checked and approved daily by our experienced staff so that our customers never leave with fruit or vegetable that is rotten. Stop by our market today or call for inquiries on what fresh produce items are in stock!

Freezer Section

Whether you’re looking for easy-to-prepare meals throughout the week or are wanting to try something new to truly embrace the popular cuisine of another country or continent, Asian Market has a well-stocked freezer section to choose from! Get delicious and carefully packages meals, appetizers, snacks, and even frozen treats from our market’s freezer section. Why spend every night cooking when you can taste a variety of different flavors from around the world? At Asian Market in Springfield, IL, we have everything you need and more to create the perfect dish, stop by and browse through our freezer section today!

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Groceries from Around the World

Our worldwide grocery store provides an immense selection of spices, snacks, sweet treats, drinks, and more from some of the most unique and culture-filled spots on the planet! Enjoy delicious packaged goods from Korea, Japan, Thailand, and even countries within Africa all in Springfield, IL. While we carry many traditional fruits, vegetables, drinks, and grocery goods found in your local grocery store, our market carries groceries from all over the world, making us the perfect spot for a late-night milk run and if you’re wanting to try new and exotic foods not found in the U.S. What are you waiting for? Come and shop at Asian Market today, you won’t be disappointed!

Get Products from Asia, Jamaica, & Africa in Springfield Illinois!